Who We Are

Based at the University of Nottingham’s Innovation Park, Uni-Soft Systems seeks to bridge the gaps between the academy, industry and the community.

Dr Samad Ahmadi, Uni-Soft’s Founding Director, has long been an advocate of harnessing cutting-edge research expertise in the field of AI to solve the everyday problems faced by both businesses but also sections of society who have traditionally been excluded from the marketing of technological innovations.

Our team compromises of talented graduates, active researchers and experienced industry professionals. We specialise in software development and data analytics, with everyone engaged in both our consultancy work and the development of the company’s products.

We’re all passionate about bringing AI solutions to industrial and societal challenges.

Our History

A company borne out of hackathons and honed in industry…

In 2013, we started organising and delivering the Hackathon for Health, Assisted Living, Social Care and Communities with collaborators from across the public and private sectors.

Hackathons are fast-moving, dynamic events where people with a diverse range of expertise come together, across disciplinary lines, to collectively find a technological solution to a pre-defined problem.

The end goal is the creation of a functioning minimum viable product for a social good, but the journey allows for delegates to learn something new and participate in a wider community.

The problem-proposers remain in the room throughout the event meaning development is a process of co-creation, with the feedback of the end-user driving the iterative refinement of the product.

We thought those same working principals of the hackathon would form the basis a great company and they underpin what we do today in Uni-Soft: we’re a team of enthusiastic people with different skill sets who work together to find collaborative, user-centred solutions to complex problems.

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Uni-Soft Systems Ltd.
The Sir Colin Campbell Building
University of Nottingham Innovation Park
Triumph Road